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For twenty years, Córdoba has become one of the most coveted destinations in the world as regards wingshooting, more specifically eared dove hunting. Most hunters come from the U. S. A. and, to a lesser extent, from Europe, in order to enjoy the natural beauty and the hospitality and simplicity of the local people. All this is encouraged by a regular domestic and international air traffic through Buenos Aires.

In the last few years, this activity has gained singular relevance for regional economies, both in northern Córdoba and in the East of the province, thus generating -whether directly or indirectly- labor sources for more than 3,100 families residing in this area, where there are hardly any labor alternatives, a situation that leads youths to emigrate to other cities in search for job opportunities.

Formerly considered a plague by the Ministery of Agriculture of the Province, the beginning of hunting activities has turned the natural resource into an economic sustenance for a great amount of inhabitants in the Córdoba Mountain Range, where the small fields could not produce much more than some goat cattle. For them, this new tourist modality represents an income of more than $40 per hunter per day. On the other hand, the populations of doves have evidenced a growing trend encouraged by a greater food availability due to the decrease of cattle activities resulting from a more intense agriculture. In fact, recent studies estimate the existence of over 30,000,000 specimens, which represent a certain and ostensible threat for rural producers. Taking into consideration this threat, the activites performed by hunting outfitters represent an INSUFFICIENT mitigator. There is no doubt that the cessation or restraint of hunting activities will increase this imbalance, exhorting producers to attempt to control the plague -as it has already happened in the past- by using toxic baits or phosphorated poisons that affect the rest of the fauna and, in certain cases, even human beings.

2007 estimated data.

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