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Information about the country Information about the country
Foreigners or Argentinians settled abroad who wish to enter and exit the country carrying firearms must comply with the following procedure:

People who wish to enter the country with one or more firearms and their ammunition in order to practice  shooting or for some other legitimate reason, must have already filled the RENAR Technical Form, available at this web site's section SERVICES/FORMS.

When leaving the country, the individual  must stand before the corresponding RENAR authority, which will verify the exit of the firearms and ammunition not used.

Three copies of this free reproduction form to be completed for admission and exit control.

This form must only be paid when entering the country with a cost of $ 300 ($ 100 us dollars) per firearm.

Córdoba Outfitters Association will provide all the necessary information as to what proceedings you must carry out as your flight lands in Córdoba.

All people entering the province and carrying firearms must be escorted by their local Outfitters when doing the admission proceedings.

Before the National Registry of Firearms agents (Registro Nacional de Armas - RENAR) and the Airport Security Police (Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria - PSA):

  • Checking the firearm serial number.
  • Execution of the Technical Form (3 copies).

Before the Customs authorities:

  • Execution of the Guarantee Form for temporary admission of the firearm.

Your Outfitter will be the guarantor of your firearm until it leaves the country. It is very important that the Guarantee Form be executed before leaving the country, before the Customs authorities. It is also important to keep the firearm admission forms safe as if they are lost, the firearm will not be permitted to leave the country.

When leaving...
Before the representatives of the National Registry of Firearms (RENAR):

  • Firearms Admission Form Sealing.

Before the Customs authorities:

  • Execution of the Guarantee Form (Exit).
Make sure the Customs Guarantee Form be executed before leaving the country.

Firearm Card.

Hard Case for the firearms.
Proper garments for hunting.
Waterproof boots for hiking.
Ear protection and shooting glasses.
Shoulder protection.
Set of cleaning products
for the firearm, oil.
Change in dollars for tips.
Digital camera.
Sun protection.
110 volts power converter.
Telephone card.
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